Christian DiPillo

As an aspiring commercial & film director / producer,

who was introduced to filmmaking through his avid action sports background, Christian looks to push the limits of filmmaking much like an athlete would push the limit of their chosen sport.

Located in the New York Metropolitan area, Christian completed his Bachelor of Science degree at Hofstra University in May of 2016. He hopes to take his  talents to the next level, by utilizing his unique vision and background and implementing those methods into all different areas - including music videos, narratives, short films, commercials, lifestyle pieces, etc. He feels that having abilities to create all different types of content will benefit him in the long run.

Upon realizing he did not have what it took to be a professional action sports athlete, picking up a camera was the only way he felt he could remain in the industry that he loved. This is where he found his passion for filmmaking. 

In the summer of 2011, Christian created Underscore Productions, a small production company specializing in the high quality production of action sports films. Through the years, Christian has taken this from a simple logo attached to his videos, to a full scale creative production & media company. His most recent undertaking, Nomadic Exposure, a five-part series of short documentaries focusing on five up-and-coming surfers and their passions for the sport. You can watch part one here

In addition to Christian's production work, he is an entrepreneurial problem solver, with a passion for sharing stories, ideas, and products through digital media, formerly holding the position of Director of Media Content for a tech start-up called Wheeli. Currently he works as a coordinator within the entertainment industry, while freelancing for brands in his spare time.

Christian's colorful background proves he is eager to inspire and influence others with his keen eye for drawing an audience towards the content he creates.


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