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Christian DiPillo is a New York based filmmaker and photographer who began his career through a passion for skateboarding and snowboarding. After completing a degree in Video/Television and Film at Hofstra University, Christian found himself freelance producing and directing until accepting a Production Coordinator position with A+E Networks where he currently works. Upon realizing he did not have what it took to be a professional action sports athlete, picking up a camera was the only way he felt he could remain in the industry that he loved. Through this passion he was able to harness his creativity for storytelling.

He hopes to take his talents to the next level by utilizing a unique vision and background and implementing those methods into traditional advertising and marketing. In the summer of 2011, Christian created Underscore Productions, a small Media Production & Creative Agency specializing in branded content, commercial, and original entertainment. Through the years, Christian has taken this from a simple logo attached to his videos, to a company producing content with over 270K of combined online views. Through this brand he has produced numerous documentaries, short films, commercials and music videos. His most recent project being an original short film, PORCH, which premiered in January of 2019 and is currently in the festival circuit. PORCH the story of the relationship between grandfather and granddaughter and their efforts to reconnect over the course of a weekend. Watch the trailer here.

In addition to Christian's creative and production work, he is an entrepreneurial problem solver, with a passion for sharing stories, ideas, and products through digital media, formerly holding the position of Director of Media Content for a tech start-up called Wheeli. 

Christian's colorful background proves he is eager to inspire and influence others with his keen eye for drawing an audience towards the content he creates.


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