Every now and then an opportunity presents itself in which you can't pass up. I almost did - Luckily I had a friend who had my back and assured me that I would be missing out if I didn't take this trip. My ideal vacation usually has me sitting on a beach drinking. At least that's what I would describe as my ideal vacation. This was not that type of trip. This was a trip unlike anything I had anticipated. This was a trip to Montana, but this was also a trip "For The Boys".

I honestly never imagined I'd go to Montana. I'm not sure why, it just never entered my mind that the west would be a vacation destination. My perception of vacations up until this point was either a cruise to the Caribbean, touring around Europe, or some sort of local beach getaway (my family either travels big or not at all).

We went for a week which at the time seemed long enough, but there was so much to do that that turned out to be wrong. The days flew by, and each day was different. We did the typical "man stuff" one would imagine. We drank beer and whiskey, ate beef, went golfing, floated along a ditch while doing all three, ripped atv's through the mountains, and went on a few hikes. Throw in a few other activities you would expect three twenty-something's to do and you can figure out the rest.

Not to mention the house was gigantic. They call the house their ranch house. I don't know about you but when I think of a ranch house, I think of a run down, little shack on a huge piece of property. This property was huge, and the house did not disappoint. 

Only three of us were able to make the trip but it ended up being the perfect number. There were two atv's and since one of us wasn't super comfortable riding one, it meant that I essentially got my own for the week. 


When I got back, people would ask "how was your trip", the literal only way to describe it was "amazing". It was one of the most amazing trips I have ever been on. It was so different than anything else I had experienced. People were kind, welcoming, intriguing. It was an escape from the work force of New York City, and it was much needed. 

Until the next one.

INTRODUCING: Nomadic Exposure | Shore

Nomadic Exposure is the story of five strangers, chronicling their journey across the world.  -  who they are, what they represent, and most importantly, what surfing means to them.
Director Christian DiPillo (left) walks Tyler (right) through campus.

Director Christian DiPillo (left) walks Tyler (right) through campus.

Shore, the first of the five-part video series tells the story of Tyler Sankey, 21-year-old college student at Monmouth University. Tyler has a unique perspective on life, a reason why we picked him as the first narrator to to take you through this journey. 

Nomadic Exposure is an expansion of a smaller project titled Beyond The Garden. What started out as a feature-length documentary about action sports communities in New Jersey quickly became a short story about select wakeboarders and surfers and why they choose to do their sport in their home state of New Jersey.

Nomadic Exposure aims to go deeper into a singular aspect that Beyond The Garden shed some light on. Instead of focusing on action sports in New Jersey as a whole, Untitled wants to take a look at a  few passionate surfers, who they are, what they represent, and most importantly, what surfing means to them.

Narrating their journey through live voiceovers, the characters of the film will be telling their own story. Each character will have their own voice capable of explaining exactly what is going on throughout the film.

At the core, this is a story about surfing, but this is also a story about surfing in New Jersey. Using only New Jersey natives, Nomadic Exposure wants to take these riders out of their home state to truly show what New Jersey means to them. By taking them out of their home breaks, we allow them to be fully immersed into the surfing culture they may or may not be familiar with, only to bring them back to surf one final wave all together.

We’re going to take them exotic places all around the world - Fiji, Tahiti, Portugal, Mexico, etc. Anywhere there is huge surf swell, we want to go. Not only are we traveling to these places to surf, we are traveling there to truly understand what it means to be a surfer. As Americans, we are accustomed to a certain quality of life. With that said, we want these surfers to experience what a surfing community is like in a different country. By immersing ourselves into these different cultures, we can truly show what it’s like to be apart of a different community.

What is going to bring these two distinct cultures together?

That’s easy - surfing.

Watch the film here: